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Grill Tools and Accessories

There is a huge selection of grilling tools, hundreds actually, available to assist you with all phases of the grilling process. Some are absolutely necessary and others - not so much! As you expand the types of foods grilled you will undoubtably find that a number of these accessories will help you deal with the unique problems posed by various dishes.

Among the most basic and necessary are a pair of tongs, a spatula and a grill fork( to be used sparingly).  A chimney starter or electric starter will help you get your charcoal fired up without the use of lighter fluid - both for safety and taste. A basting brush will help you spread your sauces on to add flavor and moisture. And a spray bottle to help control sudden flare-ups.

But wait! There's more. You can find many variations of these basic tools plus an enormous variety of extra grates, grill pans, grill baskets for each type of food, racks, skillets, skewers, thermometers and flavored woods. There many that I have not mentioned - you just have to browse for find the one that will make your grilling easier and more fun.

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Weber Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Tool Set

If you are needing to replace your current set or buying your first set of grill tools this would be an excellent choice. Consisting of a spatula, tongs and a 2-prong fork this set is made of seamless stainless steel and will hold up with repeated grill use and washings:


 Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade ...

Outset QS10 Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter

For those who use a charcoal grill this solidly built stainless steel chimney starter is just what you need to get away from having to buy charcoal lighter fluid. It ignites 5 pounds of charcoal and the handle is kept cool with a heat shield:

Outset QS10, Chimney Grill Starter

Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Tool

Probably my favorite grill tool, at least until the next one. O.K, my wife ordered this for me, and I set it aside thinking that this little plastic object could not possibly work. Wow!, was I wrong. Use after grilling or before your next grill session to clean the grates. The water dripping on the hot grates turns to steam and left over oil, fats and bits of food are removed! No more trying to use the kitchen sink to clean caked on crud off the grates:


Grill Daddy GB91062S Grill Cleaning ...

There are lots more grilling tools available. Here are two more that will help make your barbecuing efforts a little easier. The quick read thermometer will help you determine if your food is cooked to the safe and proper temperature. The fish basket is good for grilling smaller and more delicate cuts of meat that might be prone to falling through the grates:

More tools will be appearing here in the future.

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