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Veggies on the Grill - Awesome!

Veggies prepared on the grill are a real treat. The flavor of squash, onions, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini and other veggies is enhanced by grilling.

Use local fresh vegetables if you can get them. Cut the vegetables in such a way as to increase the amount of surface exposed to the grill. Before cooking you can combine minced garlic, basil, salt and pepper with olive oil and, if you like, a little balsamic vinegar and let your veggies sit in the mixture for 30 minutes or so. Drain and place on skewers or a vegetable grill grate or grill pan.

While cooking move and turn them a number of times and keep them lightly basted with oil to minimize drying, shrinkage, and to avoid burning. Any good oil will work, but I prefer extra virgin olive oil or extra light olive oil. 350o F to 450o F is an ideal temperature range in which to grill your veggies. Grill until tender and enjoy alone or with a main dish.

And now for some yummy, individual veggie recipes:

Corn-on-the-Cob Grill  

 2 limes 

1 tsp salt 

1/2 tsp pepper 

1/2 tsp chilli powder 

1/2 tsp amchoor * 

4 husked ears of corn 


*Amchoor is mango powder; get it at Indian groceries. 


Cut limes in quarters, or halves if soft. Mix dry ingredients 

together. Roast ears of corn, one or two at a time, over a hot grill until kernels are lightly browned. Dip lime sections in spice mixture. Squeeze lime juice into corn kernels while rubbing with cut surface of lime to allow lime juice to carry spices into the corn. Continue until lime slices and spices are used up. 


Seasoned Grilled Eggplant 


Yield: 6 Servings


1 large eggplant

1/3 cup melted butter or margerine

1/2 tsp. garlic salt

1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning

1/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper


Cut the peeled eggplant into 3/4" slices.


Combine butter, garlic salt, and Italian seasoning; stir well. Brush sliced eggplant with butter mixture, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place eggplant on the grill over medium heat for 10 minutes or until tender, turning and basting occasionally.

 Grilled Mushrooms - Portabella

2 portabella mushroom caps  

½ cup extra virgin olive oil 

2 Tbs. balsamic vinegar 

1 finely chopped shallots 

1 finely chopped clove of garlic 

½ teaspoon each, salt and black pepper 


First mix the vinegar and the salt and pepper, stirring to make sure the salt dissolves. Next stir in the oil, shallots, and garlic to complete a marinade.


Remove the stems from the mushrooms cutting flush with the bottom of the caps and wipe them clean with a damp paper towel.  Do Not wash under running water!


Keeping back some of the marinade for later use, pour some of the marinade in a baking dish and place the mushrooms in the dish top side down (gills up). Pour more of the marinade on the gill side of the mushrooms. Cover and let marinate for about 30 minutes


Grill the mushrooms gill side down for about three minutes then turn them over (gill side up) and spoon the marinade that was held back into the gills. Grill with the gill side up for another 4 or 5 minutes until tender. Serve.


Grilled Potato Halves  


Yield: 2 Servings 


1 clove garlic 

1/8 tsp salt 

1 Tbs olive oil 

1/4 tsp dried oregano 

2 russet potatoes 

black pepper 


Scrub potatoes, cut in half lengthwise. Puree garlic. Transfer to a small bowl. Add salt, oil and oregano and blend well. Add pepper to taste. Let stand at least 10 minutes. 


Cook potatoes in pot of boiling water until just tender, about 15 minutes. Drain. Brush with seasoned oil and grill until cooked through and slightly charred on all surfaces, about 15 minutes. Turn occasionally and brush with oil. 


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